Steps of Construction

  1. Find a site/location
  2. Site planning
    • No. of storeys
  3. Survey
  4. Designing (drawings)
    • Architectural design (no. of rooms, kitchen, washrooms, .etc)
    • Structural design (framing, load calculation)
    • Electrical design
    • Mechanical design (HVAC and plumbing)
    • Designing for utilities (water)
  5. Cost estimation
  6. Getting the necessary permits
  7. Approval
  8. Financing
    • Decide how much of the actual construction cost will you need
  9. Hiring a contractor/builder
  10. Construction process
    • Ground breaking
    • Lay the foundation
    • Foundation walls
    • Rough plumbing lines for the basement floor and concrete slabs on grade
    • Building the frames for walls and roof
    • Layout and setting roof trusses
    • Installing of roofing (water barrier/moisture barrier, shingles)
    • Exterior brick/block/stucco work
    • Install the exterior sidings, soffit work and features (doors and windows)
    • HVAC Roughing (Ducting and Gas Piping) 
    • Plumbing Roughing
    • Electrical Roughing
    • Staircase

Finishing Work

  • Building Insulation
  • Dry walling, tapping and Mudding
  • Trim and mill work
    1. Install the wall board and paneling on interior wall
    2. Place the jamb and trims for interior/exterior doors, base board, crown moldings and corners
  • Caulking and start painting
  • Tile work
  • Install kitchen cabinets and other mill work
  • Installation of Plumbing fixtures
  • Install flooring (hard wood or composite floor)
  • Install appliances (kitchen appliances and others)
  • Touch up painting
  • Carpet installation